What is the Every Other Day Diet Plan?
It's Simple and Effective
Welcome to the Every Other Day Diet Cut back today -- cut loose tomorrow!

Chapter 1
The New Science of Every Other Day Dieting citing study after study that shows the Every Other Day Diet really works.

Chapter 2
Diet Day -- 500 calories is easy -- when it’s an every other day diet.

Chapter 3
Feast Day -- Eat all you want and anything you want -- and keep losing the weight!

Chapter 4
Every-Other-Day Dieting, Quick and Easy. These lunch and dinner recipes are only 400 calories -- but they are delicious!

Chapter 5
Every Other Day Dieting, Without Lifting A Finger. Make your life simple and try pre-prepared 400-calorie cuisine on Diet Day.

Chapter 6
Every Other Day Dieting and Getting Exercise.  These are a great combination for faster weight loss.

Chapter 7
The Every Other Day Success Program -- the Scientifically Proven Way to Keep Off the Weight.
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*As with any dietary change, your health care practitioner should be consulted first.
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This site about the Every Other Day Diet Plan has been created for your benefit by Kirt Germond.  I will earn income if you purchase from the product links.
There are no complicated rules to follow, the plan does not tell you what you can and can't eat. On each day you diet, you limit your calories, eating no more than 500 in total. Then on the feast day, you eat what you want and as much as you want. You move from Diet Day to Feast Day and back, alternating the regimen. You achieve reliable and steady weight loss.
The Every Other Day Diet does not give you the constant experience of feeling deprived of some of your favorite foods. You can still indulge on your feast days. Have some sweets on your feast days, but remember these sweets affect your health in negative ways beyond just weight gain.
No constant Deprivation
Keeping the Weight Off
With a lot of other diets, weight loss is followed by weight gain when you go off the diet. It can be very frustrating. But the Every Other Day Diet includes the Every Other Day Plan for Success which is an approach for weight maintenance that has been proven to work through a National Institutes of Health sponsored study conducted by Dr. Varady.
This book by Dr. Krista Varady contains all the research, tips, tools and strategies you need to succeed in your weight loss efforts. The book has recipes too to help you get started.

Dr. Krista Varady developed the Every Other Day Diet and conducted groundbreaking research and studies at the Uinversity of Ilinois involving hundreds of subjects, having consistent positive results. Her work has been published in Obesity and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The Every Other Day Diet* works.